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anyWWWhere SM Musicstore:Codes/Abreviations:
  1. Out-of-Print (OOP)
  2. Hard-to-Find (H2F)
  3. On Order (OO) iffy
  4. Out-of-Stock (OOS)
  5. Hardcover (H)
  6. School & Library binding (SL)
  7. Paperback (P)
  8. Trade Paperback (TP)
  9. Reissue Edition (Rei)
  10. Reprint Edition (Re)
  11. Book Club edition (BC)
  12. print date, month year (feb98) or just year (86)

You want more? Check back later -- more coming soon!If you've read ANY other good book, tell us about it too. Computers, Fashion, Science Fiction, Fantasy, House & Home, How-To, Self-Help, WWWeb, Art, Travel, Lutz or whatever. Also, if you have any comments about anyWWWhere SM Bookstores & Gifts + Music, e-mail us.

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