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Any book whose title is a link may be purchased online though some may be Out-of-Print (OOP). The others, including the Hard-to-Find (H2F) & (OOP), can be purchased via "anyWWWhere SM Books Offline", if interested, contact us at Do you have books to sell? We sell on consignment too. We want to put "vintage" books, of all types & topics, in the hands of appreciative readers/collectors.

We'll be adding books to our lists as we find good ones. If you don't find the book for which you are looking or on the subject in which you are interested, please let us know! We'll add it if we possibly can, as soon as we possibly can.


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  1. Alien (1st P* jun79) movie tie-in (Hard to Find)(OOP)
  2. Alien Nation (H jan89)(P jul88) movie tie-in
  3. Alien Omnibus (jul96) (Hard to Find)(OOP)
  4. Aliens (1st P* jun86) movie sequel tie-in (Hard to Find)(OOP)
  5. Alien3 (1st P* jun92)(OOP) another movie sequel tie-in
  6. Betcha Can't Read Just One (1st P* dec93) Alan Dean Foster, editor (Hard to Find)(OOP) A collection of funny & strange fantasy tales: includes George Alec Effinger's "The Wicked Old Witch," Mike Resnick's "Final Solution," & Ron Goulart's "New Hope for Denture Wearers" -- Incredible Edible Tales
  7. Black Hole (1st P* dec79)(BC* 79) movie tie-in (Hard to Find)
  8. Bloodhype (Reprint P nov91) (3rd P* jul78)(1st P* mar73) #3 in the Flinx series (but he's not the main character), Humanx, after Orphan Star
  9. Builder, The Marexx, Vol.1 (1st P aug97) in a new 5-book novella series
  10. Cachalot (Reprint H aug94) (4th P* sep83)(BC* 80) about the waterworld & whales, Humanx
  11. Call to Arms (The Damned Book 1) (Reprint P* apr92) (1st P* apr92)(1st H* apr91) Book 2 is The False Mirror
  12. Carnivores of Light & Darkness (Journeys of the Cathechist Series, #1) (H jun98)
  13. Cat-A-Lyst (1st P* jul91)(original H* 91) #1 only -- While on vacation in Peru, movie star Jason Carter discovers a lost civilization of extra-dimensional Incas intent on conquering the entire world
  14. Chorus Skating (1st P* oct94) Book 7 Spellsinger Jon-Tom
  15. Clash of the Titans (3rd P*) (Hard to Find)
  16. Codgerspace (1st P*2 jul92) (original H* 92) #1 only
  17. Cyberway (reprint sep99) (1st P* mar90)(original H* 90) #1 only -- combining the traditions of the Navaho indian tribes & post modern culture & technology
  18. The Damned (P nov94) 3 Vol. Boxed Set
  19. Dark Star (P*) movie tie-in
  20. Day of the Dissonance (Re P oct94) (H may84) Book 3 Spellsinger Jon-Tom
  21. Deluge Drivers (1st P* jun87)(H2F)(OOP) Icerigger Trilogy, Book 3, Humanx
  22. Design for Great Day (C* 1995)(P mar96) Foster has expanded Russell's 1953 novella to novel length: 2 ruthless alien races are locked in a life-and-death battle for survival on an unexplored frontier of intergalactic space
  23. The Dig: A Novel by Alan Dean Foster, Sean Clark (Cloth*1996)(Paper feb97 (2 Audio Cassettes feb96, John Shea--Narrator) LucasArts CD-ROM game tie-in
  24. Dinotopia Lost: A Novel (1st HC 1996)(Paper sep97)
  25. Dirge: The Founding of the Commonwealth 1 Ed Vol 2 (HC June 6, 2000)
  26. End of the Matter (Paper* nov95) #5 in the Flinx series (w/ an Icerigger character), Humanx, after The Tar-Aiym Krang
  27. False Mirror (Book 2 the Damned) (C*Paper jun93) after Call to Arms
  28. Flinx of the Commonwealth (oct82) (Hard to Find)
  29. Flinx in Flux (reissue Paper* jul88) #6 in the Flinx series, Humanx, after The End of the Matter
  30. For Love of Mother Not (Reissue Paper* mar83) #1 in the Flinx series, Humanx, next is Orphan Star
  31. Glory Lane (Reprint Cloth dec91 P*) first, only
  32. Greenthieves (Paper oct94) first, only
  33. Hand of Dinotopia (1 Ed. Cloth 1997) (Hard to Find)
  34. Hour of the Gate (Paper*) Book 2 Spellsinger Jon-Tom
  35. Howling Stones: A Novel of the Humanx Commonwealth (Cloth jan97)(Paper jan98)
    Newly discovered planet of Senisran's a veritable paradise. Its vast oceans dotted with thousands of lush islands containing deposits of rare-earths & minerals. But Senisran's also the Humanx Commonwealth's problem child, for each island's inhabited by a different tribe of aboriginal natives whose customs & tribal rites varied from island to island. Each had to be negotiated with separately for mining rights, & the Commonwealth's locked in a race against the vicious AAnn Empire to secure those rights. Now the clans of the Parramat Archipelago on Senisran're resisting entreaties by the Commonwealth & AAnn alike. So xenologist & first-contact specialist Pulickel Tomochelor's dispatched from Earth to handle this most sensitive & stubborn negotiation. More comfortable with aliens than with his own species, & confident in his extraordinary ability to communicate with them, Pulickel looked forward to a short assignment & a triumphant return to Earth. But he hadn't counted on the incredible secret of Parramat: the strange green stones that the natives used to bless the crops, ensure plentiful fishing, heal the injured & ill, & control the weather. For within those stones lay an awesome technology the origin of which was lost in time--a technology that had to be kept from the AAnn at any cost. In his previous travels around the planets of the Commonwealth, Pulickel had seen many wonders, but never any like this. He had seen the effects of evil on both beings & planets, but he never expected to meet the very essence of evil face-to-face
  36. The I Inside (1984, Reissue Paper feb97) 1st, only
  37. Icerigger(P apr91)(P* 5th dec78)(OOP) Trilogy, Book 1, Humanx
    Ethan Fortune: a simple salesman -- knowledgeable & civilized, sophisticated traveler between many worlds. But not a hero. Skua September: anything but simple. Definitely a hero. A matched pair, if ever there was one! When suddenly stranded on a deadly icy world, Fortune found himself cast as the leader--and was not amused
  38. Into the Thinking Kingdoms (Journeys of the Catechist/Alan Dean Foster, Bk 2) (HC April 1999) (PB February 2000)
  39. Into the Out of (PB* 1987)(HC* 1st) Africa (Hard to Find)
  40. Jed the Dead first, only (Paper* jan97) if you like SF & the southwest, read this one!
  41. Krull: A Novel (Paper 1983) movie tie-in
  42. Last Starfighter (Paper*) movie tie-in (Hard to Find)
  43. Life Form (Paper jul95) 1st, only
  44. Mad Amos (1 Ed. Paper mar96) 1st, only
  45. Man Who Used the Universe (Paper*) first, only (Hard to Find)
  46. Maori (Paper) historical fantasy (Hard to Find)
  47. Metrognome & Other Stories (Paper* 1990) collection of 15 shorts including: Operator Assisted Calls Are Charged At A Higher Rate, The Tesselated Tetrahexahedral Yellow Rose Of Texas, & Collectible
  48. Mid-Flinx (1 Ed. Cloth 1995)(Reprint Paper* oct96) #7 in the Flinx series, Humanx, after Flinx in Flux & Midworld
  49. Midworld (Reissue Paper nov95) 1st book, Humanx
  50. Mission to Moulokin (P feb91)(BC*)(H2F OOP) Icerigger Trilogy, Book 2, Humanx
  51. Moment of the Magician (Reissue P* 1994) Book 4 Spellsinger Jon-Tom
  52. Montezuma Strip (Paper aug95) first, only southwest setting
  53. Nor Crystal Tears (Paper* 1991 Reprint Cloth feb94)
    How the Humanx Commonwealth got started
  54. Outer Heat (jul88) (Hard to Find)
  55. Outland (P*) movie tie-in (Hard to Find)
  56. Orphan Star (Reissue Paper* may90) #2 in the Flinx series, Humanx, after For Love of Mother Not
  57. Pale Rider (Paper 1985)
  58. Parallelities (Cloth jan98)
  59. Paths of the Perambulator (Paper) Book 5 about Spellsinger Jon-Tom
  60. Phylogenesis (Founding of the Commonwealth, Bk 1) (July 2000) (HC June 1999 on backorder)
  61. Quozl (Reissue Paper* 1989) (Hard to Find)
  62. Sentenced to Prism (mar91) 1st, only (Hard to Find)
  63. Shadowkeep (Paper* 1984) game tie-in
  64. Slipt (ReiP mar98)
  65. Smart Dragons, Foolish Elves (P* mar91) edited by Alan Dean Foster
  66. Son of a Spellsinger (P apr93) after Time of the Transference Book 6 about Jon-Tom's son
  67. Spellsinger Book 1 about Jon-Tom & Mudge (P**)
  68. Splinter of the Mind's Eye: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia (ReiP** may94) first ever Star Wars novel
  69. Spoils of War (Book 3 the Damned) (ReP* jan94) (H*) finale after False Mirror
  70. Starman (P* 1984) movie tie-in
  71. Star Trek Logs One, Two, Three (P 93) For the first time ever, the first three volumes in this classic series come together in one thrilling omnibus edition
  72. Star Trek Logs Four, Five, Six (P 93) Available for the first time, the second sensational Star Trek Log omnibus edition--featuring three complete books for the price of one
  73. Star Trek Logs Seven, Eight, Nine (P 93) Based on the Star Trek series, these log books have been an enduring favorite of generations of SF readers. Repackaged in this new, bargain-priced omnibus edition, they'll be an even bigger hit with readers & collectors.
  74. Star Wars by George Lucas (Paper* 1977) The ORIGINAL (ghostwritten by Alan Dean Foster)
  75. A New Hope (Classic Star Wars, Reprint Cloth 1995) by George Lucas (ghostwritten by Alan Dean Foster)
  76. Tar-Aiym Krang (Reissue Paper* jul88) #4 in the Flinx series, Humanx, after Bloodhype
  77. The Thing (P*) movie tie-in
  78. Time of the Transference (Reissue Paper* 1994) Book 6 Spellsinger Jon-Tom
  79. To the Vanishing Point (C*)
  80. Voyage of the Basset by James C Christensen, Renwick St. James, Alan Dean Foster (Cloth oct96) Humnax w/ over 120 richly detailed full-color paintings & line drawings
  81. Voyage to the City of the Dead (Paper jun87) Humanx
  82. Who Needs Enemies (may84)
  83. With Friends Like These (Reissue Paper* dec90)

    Short stories in Fantasy & Science Fiction

  84. The Thunderer (Apr87) a fantasy chiller
  85. Norg Gleeble Gop (Aug87) sf
  86. Jackalope (Apr89) a Mad Amos Malone story
  87. Agrarian Deform (Mar91) a Mad Amos Malone story

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