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    Various Stories

  1. Alchemy & Academe (ReiP) edited by Anne McCaffrey
  2. The Black Dragon (P jun96) Dark Horse Comics fantasy adventure set in 1193 England
  3. Black Horses for the King (SL apr96) (TP sep97) (P*)
  4. Carradyne Touch (OOP)
  5. Coelura (ReP oct89) (H*)
  6. Diversity of Dragons (H* oct97) Anne McCaffrey, Richard Woods, John Howe (Illustrator) 96 pages about dragons in general
  7. An Exchange of Gifts (P nov95) (w/ Pat Morrissey) a sweet, romantic fantasy of magical powers
  8. The Fleet (P oct96) David Drake, Bill Fawcett, Anne McCaffrey
  9. Great Writers & Kids Write Spooky Stories (Great Writers & Kids Anthologies) (H aug95 OOS) M Morgan, Robert Weinberg (Editor), Jane Yolen, Martin H Greenberg, Tony Geiss, Anne McCaffrey
  10. Icefalcon's Quest (Darwath Series) (MMP jan99) Barbara Hambly & Anne McCaffrey
  11. The Kilternan Legacy (84 OOP)
  12. The Lady (H OOP)(ReP jul92) outstanding adult horse fiction combines the beautiful landscape of Ireland, a horse farm & the beautiful lady
  13. The Mark of Merlin (84 OOP)
  14. Nimisha's Ship (H 1st feb99) (Brilliance Audio Cassettes jan99) (Nova Audio Books Cassettes jan99) opening novel in a new science fiction series
  15. No One Noticed the Cat (H oct96)
  16. Restoree (ReiP may90) (P*) one of her 1st SF
  17. Ring of Fear (84)
  18. Serve It Forth: Cooking With Anne McCaffrey (TP oct96) Anne McCaffrey (Editor), John Betancourt (Editor) all recipes provided by famous science fiction & fantasy authors. Internet tie in
  19. Space Opera (P* dec96) Anne McCafferey (Editor), Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (Editor), Anne McCaffrey, Alan Dean Foster, Gene Wolfe, etc. 20 all-original stories, all share a theme: music -- great book!
  20. Stitch in Snow (ReP sep86 BO) nonSF
  21. Three Gothic Novels: Ring of Fear, the Mark of Merlin, The Kilternan Legacy (91)
  22. Three Women (ReP jan92 BO) nonSF
  23. Year of the Lucy (P oct97 BO) nonSF

    Brain Novels

  24. Ship Who Sang (ReiP dec93) (P*) actually a collection of short stories about Helva, the "brain" & "ship" of a partnership (w/ Sundance, by Robert Silverberg, Audio Cass jul96)
  25. Partnership (ReiP dec97) (w/ Margaret Ball) (P*) about Nancia
  26. Ship Who Searched (ReiP may95) (w/ Mercedes Lackey) (P*) about Tia
  27. Ship Who Won (ReiP dec97) (w/ Jody Lynn Nye) (H*) about Carialle (2 Audio Cass sep94) (LPP oct97)
  28. City Who Fought (H* apr93) (ReiP may95) (w/ S M Stirling) about Simeon, the "brain" running a peaceful space station city
  29. Ship Avenged (H feb97) (P*) S M Stirling (authorized by Anne McCaffrey)
  30. Ship Errant (P dec97) (H*) Jody Lynn Nye (authorized by Anne McCaffrey)

    Crystalsinger Novels

  31. Crystal Singer (P*) (ReiP aug82) (Audio Cass OOP) (2 Ltd.Ed.Audio Cass*)
  32. Killashandra (ReP apr93) (P*H*) (2 Audio Cass OOP) (2 Ltd.Ed.Audio Cass*)
  33. Crystal Line (H* OOP) (ReP may93) (Audio Cass OOP)
  34. Crystal Singer Trilogy: Crystal Singer, Killashandra, Crystal Line (ReiP jan96 OOS)

    Dinosaur Planet Novels

  35. Dinosaur Planet (ReiP may90)
  36. Dinosaur Planet Survivors (ReiP jul90) (P*)
    read Dinosaur Planet Novels before Planet Pirates

    Doona Novels

  37. Decision at Doona (ReiP dec94) (P*)
  38. Crisis on Doona (P* mar92) Anne McCaffrey, Jody Lynn Nye
  39. Treaty at Doona (P* sep94) Anne McCaffrey, Jody Lynn Nye
  40. Crisis on Doona & Treaty on Doona (4 Audio Cass sep94)
    read Doona Novels before Planet Pirates

    Planet Pirates Novels

  41. Sassinak (P* dec91) (w/ Elizabeth Moon)
  42. Death of Sleep (ReiP mar91) (P*) (w/ Jody Lynn Nye)
  43. Generation Warriors (ReP mar91) (P*) (w/ Jody Lynn Nye)
  44. Planet Pirates: Death of Sleep, Sassinak, Generation Warriors (ReP oct93) (w/ Elizabeth Moon, Jody Lynn Nye)(P*) (6 Audio Cassettes mar95)

    Freedom Novels

  45. Freedom's Landing (H* 95 OOP) (ReP jun96) (3 Audio Cass may95) (2 Audio Cass nov96) people from earth are enslaved, rebelious ones are "dropped"
  46. Freedom's Choice (H* jun97) (Complete Unabridged Audio Cass may97) (Audio Cass jun97) (Audio Cass jun97) (Audio Cass Nova apr98) freedom continues & steps toward civilization are made
  47. Freedom's Challenge (H* may98) (Unabridged Audio Cass may98) (Audio Cass Nova may98) freedom still continues -- we hope

    Pern Novels

  48. Dragonsdawn (H*)(Paperback)(5 Audio Cass)
  49. Chronicles of Pern: First Fall (H* 93 OOP) (ReP oct94) (Audio Cassettes OOP) contains 5 short stories
  50. Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern (H*Paper)(4 Audio Cassettes)
  51. Nerilka's Story (P*H*)
  52. Dragonseye (H* 97) (P feb98) (unabridged Audio Cass)(2 Audio Cass)(Audio Cass) Second Fall, Pern novel fills in some more gaps!
    Harper Hall Trilogy (Juvenile)
  53. Dragonsong (Paperback)
  54. Dragonsinger (P*Hardcover)(Paperback)
  55. Dragondrums (ReiP aug96) (P*)
  56. Masterharper of Pern (H jan98) (MMP jan99) (5 Unabridged Audio Cass feb98) (2 Audio Cassettes feb98) Robinton's parents, growing up & how he became Masterharper of Pern
  57. Dragonriders of Pern (ReP nov88) (H*) 1st trilogy, consists of:
  58. Dragonflight (ReiP may91) (P**) (TP jun97 OO) (3 Audio Cass jul93)
  59. Dragonquest (ReiP may90) (P*) (TP sep97) (4 Audio Cass aug93)
  60. White Dragon (P*)(5 Audio Cassettes) [1st Anne McCaffrey book I ever read]
  61. Girl Who Heard Dragons (H*Paperback) 15 fantasy & science fiction stories, including the title story
  62. Renegades of Pern (H*Paperback)(4 Audio Cassettes)
  63. All the Weyrs of Pern (H*) (ReP dec92) (6 Audio Cass jun96) (2 Audio Cass jan92) thrilling resolution to the Pern adventures, except...
  64. Dolphins of Pern (H*) (ReP nov95) (TP sep97 OO) (6 Audio Cass* sep95 OOS) set about a decade after "All the Weyrs..."

    Books about Pern

  65. Dragonlover's Guide to Pern (1st OOP) Anne McCaffrey, Jody Lynn Nye, Todd C Hamilton (Illustrator) (2nd P mar97) Jody Lynn Nye, Anne McCaffrey, Todd Cameron Hamilton, James Clouse
  66. Atlas of Pern (1984)
  67. People of Pern (H* 88 H2F) w/ Robin Wood

    Petaybee Novels

  68. Petaybee Trilogy Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Marina Sirtis (6 Audio Cass)
  69. Powers That Be (w/ E. A. Scarborough)(H*Paperback)(2 Audio Cass)
  70. Power Lines (w/ E A Scarborough)(H*Paperback*)
  71. Power Play (w/ EA Scarborough)(Hardcover)(Paperback)

    Talent Novels

  72. To Ride Pegasus (Paperback*)
  73. Get Off the Unicorn (Paperback*)
  74. Pegasus in Flight (H*Paperback)
  75. The Rowan (H*Paperback)(4 Audio Cass)
  76. Damia (H* OOP) (ReP feb93) (4 Audio Cass jun92)
  77. Damia's Children (H* OO) (ReiP dec96) (3 Audio Cass jan93)
  78. Lyon's Pride (H*)(3 Audio Cassettes)

    Unicorn Novels

  79. Acorna: The Unicorn Princess (H jul97) begins the adventures with 3 young space prospectors recovering a small survival pod containing a toddler with strange hands & feet, silvery curls, & a tiny horn in the center of her forehead (w/ Margaret Ball)
  80. Anne McCaffrey's the Unicorn Girl: An Illustrated Novel (H dec97) continues the fantastic adventures of Acorna, the Unicorn Girl (w/ Mickey Zucker Reichert, Jody Lynn Nye, Roman A Ranieri)

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