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1997 Internet Top Picks

Computer Mouse

Computer Keyboard

grouped alphabetically by topic/platform, number is a rating of sorts
  1. Apple: The Inside Story of Intrigue, Egomania, & Business Blunders Jim Carlton 2.8875
  2. AppleDesign: The Work of the Apple Industrial Design Group Paul Kunkel, Rick English (Photographer) 5.394
  3. Inside Intel: Andy Grove & the Rise of the World's Most Powerful Chip Company Tim Jackson 2.62
  4. The Difference Between God & Larry Ellison: Inside Oracle Corporation Mike Wilson 2.625
  5. Growing Up Digital: Rise of the Net Generation Don Tapscott 2.41
  6. After Thought: The Computer Challenge to Human Intelligence James Bailey 2.625

  7. Internet 101: A Beginner's Guide to the Internet & the WWW Wendy G Lehnert (nov97) 1.7975
  8. 10 Minute Guide to the Internet & World Wide Web Galen A Grimes 1.7985
  9. ABCs of the Internet Christian Crumlish 2.3985
  10. African American Resource Guide to the Internet & Online Services Stafford L Battle, Rey O Harris 2.3985
  11. All-In-One Internet Business Success Pack: Windows (2 Books & CD-ROM) 7.4985 or just contact us

  12. Architects of the Web: 1,000 Days That Built the Future of Business Robert Reid 2.9355 [online overview] but please come back here to order

  13. 10 Secrets for Web Success: What It Takes to Do Your Site Right Bryan Pfaffenberger, David Wall 2.394
  14. Creating Killer Web Sites, Second Edition David Siegel This is THE book on Web Site Design 5.9985
  15. Designing for the Web: Getting Started in a New Medium Jennifer Niederst, Edie Freedman 2.994
  16. Elements of Web Design Darcy DiNucci, Maria Giudice, Lynn Stiles great overview of whole Web design process 4.794
  17. Mastering Web Design (B&CD oct96) John McCoy 4.1985 [excerpt, frames]
  18. Non-Designer's Design Book look more professional, more attractive, be more functional
  19. Secrets of Successful Web Sites: Project Management on the World Wide Web David Siegel 5.9985
  20. Ultimate Web Developer's Sourcebook: Hundreds of Awesome Tips & Techniques for Designing, Creating, Producing, & Marketing Your Web Site Ben Sawyer (Book & CD-ROM) 1.4985
  21. Web Design in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference Jennifer Niederst 2.394
  22. Web Page Design: A Different Multimedia Mary E S Morris, Randy J Hinrichs 2.994 [review]
  23. Web Site Usability: A Designer's Guide (P jun97) Jared M Spool, Tara Scanlon, Will Schroeder, Carolyn Snyder 3.9975
  24. Webonomics: Nine Essential Principles for Growing Your Business on the World Wide Web Evan I Schwartz 2.625
  25. Writing for the World Wide Web (P nov97) Victor J Vitanza 1.4

  26. Designing Web Pages With Frontpage 97 5.3985
  27. Microsoft FrontPage Web Publishing Electronic Resource Kit Que Corp
  28. Microsoft Frontpage: Unleashed (Bk&Cd Ed)
  29. Frontpage & IIS: An Intelligent Tutoring System
  30. Laura Lemay's Web Workshop: Microsoft Frontpage 97 (2nd Ed)
  31. Special Edition Using Microsoft Frontpage 97 Spcl/Bk&cd
  32. Introducing Microsoft Frontpage 97

  33. Graphics & Web Page Design (Laura Lemay's Web Workshop Series) Bk&Cd-Rom
  34. Real World Bryce 2 Susan A Kitchens Bk&Cd-Rom
  35. Designing Web Graphics 2 Lynda Weinman
  36. Deconstructing Web Graphics Lynda Weinman [one of our 1997 Internet Top Picks]
  37. Coloring Web Graphics Lynda Weinman
  38. 3D Graphics & VRML 2.0 (Laura Lemay's Web Workshop) (Book & CD-ROM)

  39. Creating & Enhancing Netscape Web Pages Andy Shafran (Que Book & CD-ROM)
  40. Enhancing Netscape Web Pages Andy Shafran (Que Book & CD-ROM) Both Shafran books are very easy to follow, have almost all of the information that you will ever need to make a page or site that will stand out using Netscape Navigator browsers
  41. Official Netscape Suite Spot Book: For Windows NT: Design & Manage Your Own Netscape-Based Intranet Larry Budnick

  42. Hybrid HTML Design: A Multi-Browser HTML Reference Kevin Ready, Janine Warner (Book & CD-ROM)
  43. Inside Dynamic HTML (Microsoft Programming Series) (Book & CD-ROM nov97)
  44. Official Netscape Dynamic HTML Developer's Guide (Book & CD-ROM nov97)
  45. HTML 4 Interactive Course (Book & CD-ROM nov97)
  46. Teach Yourself Web Publishing With HTML 3.2 in a Week
  47. HTML for Fun & Profit, Gold Signature Edition Mary E S Morris (SunSoft Book & CD-ROM) [review]
  48. Creating Cool Web Pages With HTML Dave Taylor (2nd Book & Disk Ed)
  49. 10 Minute Guide to HTML Tim Evans

  50. 60 Minute Guide to CGI Programming With Perl 5 Robert Farrell

  51. Shockwave!: Breathe New Life into Your Web Pages: For Windows & MacIntosh (Book & CD-ROM)

  52. Advanced Java Chris Laffra: not a book for novices!
  53. Graphic Java: Mastering the AWT David M Geary, Alan L McClellan (SunSoft Book & CD-ROM) [review]
  54. Java by Example Jerry Jackson, Alan McClellan (SunSoft Book & CD) [review]
  55. Instant Java John Pew (SunSoft Book & CD) [review]
  56. Core Java Gary Cornell, Cay Horstmann (SunSoft Book & CD) [review]
  57. Just Java Peter van der Linden (SunSoft Book & CD) [review]

  58. ActiveX Sourcebook: Build an ActiveX-Based Web Site Ted Coombs, Jason Coombs, Donald Brewer

  59. Web Database Construction Kit: A Step-By-Step Guide to Linking Microsoft Access Databases to the Web, Using Visual Basic & the Included Website 1.1 Khurana (Book & CD)
  60. Web Database Primer Plus: Connect Your Database to the World Wide Web Using HTML, CGI, Java Piroz Mohseni (Book & CD)

  61. Building Web Applications Using VBScript Sloan Trasher, Joe Galloway

  62. Actually Useful Internet Security Techniques Larry J Hughes

  63. Solaris Implementation: A Guide for System Administrators George Becker, et al [review]
  64. AIX for Breakfast: A Guide for Programmers & System Administrators (Book & Disk)
  65. AIX/6000 Internals & Architecture David A Kelly

  66. Introducing Microsoft® Windows® 98 Russell Borland
  67. 10 Minute Guide to Windows 95 Trudi Reisner
  68. The ABCs of Windows 95 Sharon Crawford
  69. Access Bible for Windows 95 Cary Prague
  70. Access for Windows 95 for Dummies John Kaufeld
  71. Act! for Windows for Dummies Jeffrey J Mayer
  72. Autocad & Its Applications: Release 13 for Windows Terence M Shumaker, et al
  73. Autocad 3D Companion: The Illustrated Guide to Autocad's Third Dimension for Release 13 for Windows George O Head (Book & Disk)
  74. Autocad Release 13 for Beginners Dennis S Balagtas...
  75. The ABCs of Excel for Windows 95 Gene Weisskopf
  76. 10 Minute Guide to Freelance Graphics for Windows 95 R Michael O'Mara
  77. The ABCs of Microsoft Internet Explorer 3 John Ross: for those familiar with Windows 95 but not MSIE
  78. Access the Internet! for Windows 95/NT David Peal, Jennifer Kirby (Book & Disk)
  79. The ABCs of Microsoft Office for Windows 95 Guy Hart-Davis
  80. 10 Minute Guide to Powerpoint for Windows 95 Joe Kraynak, Faithe Wempen
  81. All About Winfax Pro 7 for Windows 95 P J Ross, John Ross
  82. 10 Minute Guide to Corel Wordperfect 7 for Windows 95 by Barbara Kasser

  83. The AS/400 Companion John Enck, Michael Ryan
  84. AS/400 Control Language Guide Brian Fu

  85. Applescript for Dummies Tom Trinko
  86. Appletalk Network Services Dorian Cougias... (Book & CD)
  87. Advanced Color Imaging on the MacOS (Book & CD-ROM)
  88. Adobe Illustrator 5.5 for the Mac: Designer's Guide (Sybex MacIntosh Library) Cynthia S Williams
  89. Adobe Photoshop: A Visual Guide for the Mac: A Step-By-Step Approach to Learning Imaging Software Bert Monroy, David Biedny

  90. AI Agents in Virtual Reality Worlds: Programming Intelligent VR in C++ Mark Watson (Book & CD)
  91. Adobe Illustrator 6.0 Masterworks Sharyn Venit
  92. Advanced Informix-4GL Programming Art Taylor (Book & Disk)
  93. Adventures in Microstation 3D Samir Haque, Sam Hendrick, Scott Williams (Book & CD)
  94. The Adobe Pagemill Handbook Paul Kent, Gary Stein (Book & CD-ROM)
  95. Adobe Photoshop Handbook Mark Siprut
  96. Coreldraw 8 F/X Shane Hunt Bk&CD
  97. Visualization Toolkit: An Object-Oriented Approach to 3-D Graphics William J. Schroeder, Kenneth M. Martin, William E. Lorensen (2nd Bk&CD Ed)
  98. Advanced Powerbuilder 5 Techniques D Derrick Deyhimi, Tod Knight, David Mosely (Book & Disk) Windows, Macintosh & UNIX
  99. Advanced Smalltalk Jonathan Pletzke (Book & CD-ROM)
  100. Building Web Applications Using VBScript Sloan Trasher, Joe Galloway
  101. Advanced Visual Basic 4.0 Programming Steven Holzner (Book & Disk) OLE, OCX, & DataLens
  102. Advanced Visual C++ 4 Steven Holzner (Book & CD) Windows
  103. Effective C++; 50 Specific Way to Improve Your Programs & Designs Scott D Meyers 4.641 (2nd ed.) continues to be essential reading for every developer working with C++
  104. Amazing 3-D Games Adventure Set (Book & CD) Game expert Lary Myers takes the reader through the mechanics needed to understand &create 3-D action or adventure games. Includes 3-D game engine with sample games.

  105. America Online Money Guide
  106. Mutual Fund Investing on the Internet

  107. Official Netscape Guide to Internet Research: For Windows & MacIntosh Tara Calishain [review]

  108. Passport to Web Radio: Music, Sports, News & Entertainment from the Hometowns of the World

  109. Electronic Highway Robbery: An Artist's Guide to Copyrights in the Digital Era Mary E Carter


  110. As Francesca Martha Baer (a Hotwired executive editor)
  111. As Headcrash Bruce Bethke Winner of the 1995 Philip K Dick Award
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