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    Children's Books, etc.

    (or die hard fans like me... if you feel silly reading them for yourself, read them to your kids or they can read them to you or younger brothers/sisters, neighborhood kids, or babysit & get paid to read them)
  1. Star Wars: A New Hope (Classic Star Wars) Larry Weinberg
  2. Star Wars: A New Hope Brandon McKinney, George Lucas, John Whitman (H 1997)
  3. Star Wars Calendar, AGES 4-8
  4. Join the Force Coloring Book
  5. A Galaxy of Creatures Coloring Book
  6. Complete Star Wars Trilogy Scrapbook (1997) Mark Cotta Vaz
  7. Complete Star Wars Trilogy Scrapbook: The Galactic Empire (nov97) Mark Cotta Vaz
  8. Complete Star Wars Trilogy Scrapbook: The Rebel Alliance (nov97) Mark Cotta Vaz
  9. Star Wars a New Hope: A Shimmer Book Disney (H 24 pages 1997)
  10. Star Wars a New Hope: Flip Book Disney (P 40 pages 1997)
  11. Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back: Flip Book Disney (P 40 pages 1997)
  12. Star Wars Return of the Jedi: Flip Book Disney (P 40 pages 1997)
  13. Classic Star Wars: A New Hope Cynthia Alvarez, Isidre Mones(Illustrator) (H 95) (flap book based on the motion picture Star Wars, Episode IV, A New Hope)
  14. Star Wars Movie Storybook (Star Wars Series) (1997)
  15. Empire Strikes Back Movie Storybook (Star Wars Series) (1997)
  16. Return of the Jedi Movie Storybook (Star Wars Series) (1997)
  17. Star Wars the Death Star Jam-Packed With Action Pop-Ups! (1997)
  18. Star Wars: Mos Eisley Cantina Pop-Up Book (1995)
  19. Star Wars: Jabba's Palace Pop-Up Book (1996) Kevin J Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Ralph McQuarrie(Illustrator)
  20. Star Wars: Battle of the Bounty Hunters Pop-Up Book part of the Shadows of the Empire timeline
  21. Star Wars Heroes in Hiding: A Super Pop Up Book (1997)
  22. Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight: A Super Shape Book (1997)
  23. Princess Leia, Rebel Leader: A Super Shape Book (1997)
  24. R2-D2 and C-3Po - Droid Duo: A Super Shape Book (1997)
  25. A More Wretched Hive - Mos Eisley Cantina: A Scratch & Sniff Book (1997)
  26. Reading, Featuring Luke Skywalker's Battle With Darth Vader: A Golden Story Workbook (1997)
  27. Spelling, Featuring Princess Leia's Escape from the Death Star: A Golden Story Workbook (1997)
  28. Sticker Workbook: Phonics (Star Wars) Golden Book (feb98)
  29. Sticker Workbook: Maths (Star Wars) Golden Book (feb98)
  30. Sticker Workbook: Printing (Star Wars) Golden Book (feb98)
  31. Journey to Mos Eisley: Golden Look-Look Book (Star Wars) (feb98)
  32. Hoth Adventure: Golden Look-Look Book (Star Wars) (feb98)
  33. Escape from Jabba's Palace: Golden Look-Look Book (Star Wars) (feb98)
  34. The Millennium Falcon: 3-D Excitement on Every Page (Star Wars) (Hard 12 pages sep97) The fastest ship in the galaxy is under attack! In this 3-D adventure, an Imperial Star Destroyer looms ever closer, blasting the Millennium Falcon with lasers & Han Solo fights against time to repair the hyperdrive before the Falcon & all aboard are annihilated.
  35. Battling the Empire: Extra Smart Pages (Star Wars) (H nov97)
  36. Eaten Alive Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear 1 (P* 97) (Ltd Clc Ed)
  37. City of the Dead Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear 2 (P 97) (Ltd Clc Ed)
  38. Planet Plague Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear 3 (97) (Ltd Clc Ed) I just read this series & they're great stories about a brother & sister, who's family died on Alderaan, an adopted Uncle & a droid
  39. Nightmare Machine Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear 4 (P 97) (Ltd Clc Ed)
  40. Ghost of the Jedi Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear 5 (97) (Ltd Clc Ed)
  41. Army of Terror Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear 6 (oct97)
  42. Brain Spiders Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear 7 (dec97)
  43. The Swarm Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear 8 (feb98)
  44. Star Wars: Luke's Fate (Step into Reading. Step 3 Book) (96) Jim K Thomas, Isidre Mones(Illustrator)
  45. Star Wars Fairy Tales: Jaina & the Hanadak (95)
  46. Shadows of the Empire(A Junior Novelization, 96)
  47. Glove of Darth Vader (Star Wars, Book 1, 92) (Library Binding)
  48. Lost City of the Jedi (Star Wars, Book 2, 92) (Library Binding Sep97)
  49. Zorba the Hutt's Revenge (Star Wars, Book 3, 92) (Library Binding Sep97)
  50. Mission from Mount Yoda (Star Wars, Book 4, 1993) (Library Binding Sep97)
  51. Queen of the Empire (Star Wars Book 5, 1993) (Library Binding sep97)
  52. Prophets of the Dark Side (Star Wars, Book 6, 1993) (Library Binding sep97)
    Star Wars: Junior Jedi Knights books (preteens)
  53. Golden Globe (Star Wars Junior Jedi Knights #1, 1995)
  54. Lyric's World (Star Wars Junior Jedi Knights #2, 1996)
  55. Promises (Star Wars Junior Jedi Knights #3, 1996)
  56. Anakin's Quest (Star Wars Junior Jedi Knights #4, 1997)
  57. Vader's Fortress (Star Wars Junior Jedi Knights #5, 1997)
  58. Kenobi's Blade (Star Wars Junior Jedi Knights #6, sep1997)
    Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights (young adults) Rebecca Moesta & Kevin J Anderson
    Books #1-6 deal with the theme of a dark academy enemy
    Books #7-11 deal with the enemy of bounty hunters
  59. Heirs of the Force (Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights, #1, 1995)
  60. Shadow Academy (Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights, #2, 1995)
  61. Lost Ones (Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights, #3, 1995)
  62. Lightsabers (Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights, #4, p* 1996)
  63. Darkest Knight (Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights, #5, 1996)
  64. Jedi Under Siege (Star Wars Young Jedi Knights, #6, p* 1996)
  65. Heirs of the Force, Shadow Academy & Lightsabers (boxed ed)
  66. Shards of Alderaan (Star Wars Young Jedi Knights, #7, p* 1997)
  67. Diversity Alliance (Star Wars Young Jedi Knights, #8, p* 1997)
  68. Delusions of Grandeur (Star Wars Young Jedi Knights, #9, 1997)
  69. Shards of Alderaan, Diversity Alliance & Delusions of Grandeur (boxed edition)
  70. Jedi Bounty (Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights, #10, oct97)
  71. Emperor's Plague (Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights, #11, jan98)
  72. Return to Ord Mantell (Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights, 1/3 may98) First in an all new trilogy!

    Artwork, Games, Postcards, Gifts, Calendars...

  73. Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays all 3 full-length screenplays
  74. The Art of the Brothers Hildebrandt (Star Wars) Bob Woods (Paper nov97)
  75. Star Wars Encyclopedia (Cloth 1997)
  76. Star Wars Chronicles Lucasfilm Archives (Cloth 1997)
  77. Empire Building; The Remarkable Real Life Story of Star Wars (Paper 1997)
  78. Art of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope (1997) Including the Complete Script of the Film by George Lucas (Art of Star Wars Series #4) with new artwork created for the SPECIAL EDITION films
  79. Art of Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back (1997) (Art of Star Wars Series #5) with new artwork created for the SPECIAL EDITION films
  80. Star Wars: The Magic of Myth Companion to the Exhibition at the National Air & Space Museum Smithsonian by Mary Henderson (H dec97) (Trade P dec97)
  81. Art of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi (feb97) Including the Complete Script of the Film by Lawrence Kasdan & George Lucas (Art of Star Wars Series #6) with new artwork created for the SPECIAL EDITION films
  82. Art of Star Wars: a New Hope (#4; Paper feb97)
  83. Art of the Empire Strikes Back Episode V (Classic Star Wars) Vic Bulluck, et al (oct94)
  84. Art of Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back (#5; Paper feb97)
  85. Art of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Episode VI (Classic Star Wars) Lawrence Kasdan, George Lucas (oct94)
  86. Art of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (#6; P feb97) Including Complete Script of Film
  87. Art of Star Wars Galaxy Gary Gerani (Vol 2, 94)
  88. Star Wars: The Art of Dave Dorman
  89. From Star Wars to Indiana Jones: The Best of the Lucasfilm Archives Mark Cotta Vaz (Hardcover 95)(P)
  90. Star Wars: From Concept to Screen to Collectible (Hardcover)(P)
  91. Galactic Empire: Ships of the Fleet Bill Smith, Ralph McQuarrie(Illustrator) (Hardcover 96)
  92. Rebel Alliance: Ships of the Fleet Bill Smith, Ralph McQuarrie(Illustrator) (Hardcover 96)
  93. Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels
  94. Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Characters
  95. The Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology: The Illustrated Guide to the Sophisticated Armament of the Star Wars Universe (Paperback nov97)
  96. Star Wars Technical Journal Shane Johnson (Hardcover 1oct97)
  97. Guide to the Star Wars Universe Bill Slavicsek (2nd Edition 1994 revised & expanded)
  98. Illustrated Star Wars Universe (Cloth 1995 P oct97) presents journeys to 8 Star Wars locations, including Alderaan Coruscant, Dagobah, Endor, Hoth, & Tatooine
  99. CAL 98-Star Wars (98 Calendar)
  100. CAL 98 Art of Star Wars Classic Characters (98 Calendar)
  101. CAL 98 Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition (98 Calendar) (Datebook Edition)
  102. Star Wars: The Vehicles (97 Wall Calendar)
  103. Art of Star Wars (97 Wall Calendar) 12"x12" Edition
  104. Art of Star Wars (97 Wall Calendar) Spiral Edition
  105. Star Wars (CalendarBinding) Star Wars Star Wars
  106. Star Wars: Posters Color (CalendarBinding)
  107. Star Wars Pullout Posterbook (1997)
  108. Empire Strikes Back Pullout Posterbook (1997)
  109. Return of the Jedi Pullout Posterbook (1997)
  110. Star Wars: The Art of Ralph McQuarrie Book, 15 Postcards, 6 Collectible Postage Stamps (1996)
  111. Star Wars: Behind-The-Scenes book of 30 postcards (1995)
  112. Star Wars: The Toys book of 30 postcards (1995)
  113. Star Wars: Aliens & Creatures book of 30 postcards (1996)
  114. The Incredible Internet Guide to Star Wars (paper sep99) by Peter J Weber
  115. Secrets of Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire definitive guide to the multilevel Star Wars tie-in project Shadows of the Empire
  116. Masters of Teras Kasi (Star Wars) (for Sony PlayStation) strategy book (Paperback nov97)
  117. Star Wars Trilogy Moviebook (CD-ROM Windows & Macintosh)
  118. Star Wars Chess (IBM PC compatible Software)
  119. Shadows Star Wars Arcade (Sega 32X Game Cartridge Edition)
  120. Star Wars: Rebel Assault (Sega Game CD Ed Hardcover)
  121. X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter (Game Demo) LucasArts newest Star Wars game
  122. Star Wars: Blister Packs/Toys (West End Games)
  123. Jedi Academy Sourcebook (Star Wars) (Paper jan98 West End Games)
  124. Star Wars Books 34 Piece Display Unit (Accessory Edition)
  125. Official Player's Guide: Star Wars: Rebel Assault II The Hidden Empire (P 95)
  126. Tomart's Price Guide to Worldwide Star Wars Collectibles Stephen Sansweet, T N Tumbusch, Tom Schwartz
  127. Official Price Guide to Star Wars Collectibles (1st Ed)
  128. Official Price Guide to Star Trek and Star Wars Collectibles (3rd Ed 91)
  129. Star Wars Vintage Action Figures: Reference & Price Guide (P mar98)
  130. Star Wars: Christmas in the Stars by various artists
  131. Star Wars Diaries (P nov97)
  132. Quotable Star Wars: "I'd Just As Soon Kiss a Wookiee!" (Paperback 1996)
  133. Ultimate Unauthorized Star Wars Trilogy Trivia Challenge
  134. Star Wars: Diplomatic Corps Entrance Exam Trivia
  135. The Jedi Academy Entrance Exam: Tantilizing Trivia from the Star Wars Trilogy (P nov97)

    Music, Video

  136. Music from the Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition Sy Feldman
  137. From Star Wars to Jedi: Making a Saga Mark Hamill (VHS)
  138. Star Wars Harrison Ford (VHS)
  139. Star Wars Trilogy Giftpack (VHS) (VHS Letterbox Format)
  140. Star Wars 24-Pk Mix Pack (VHS 95) (VHS)
  141. Star Wars Limited Edition Gift Pack (VHS 92)
  142. see also CD Universe at the end

    Graphic Novel Format

    Some of above listed novels also are Graphic Novels/Dark Horse Comics so search the page for GN or DHC.
  143. Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi Sith War 4,000 years before the birth of Luke Skywalker
  144. Star Wars Droids: The Kalarba Adventures years before the events of Star Wars
  145. Star Wars: Droids-Rebellion (97)
  146. Han Solo at Stars' End (Classic Star Wars) Alfredo Alcala (dec97)
  147. Star Wars/The Empire Strikes Back/Return of the Jedi, 2nd Special ed. (Star Wars) Bruce Jones
  148. Star Wars (97)
  149. Classic Star Wars Archie Goodwin, Al Williamson (Vol 1; 2nd Ed.) Featuring the adventures of Luke, Leia & Han in the time between the first & second movies -- a continuous story in a single color graphic novel
  150. Classic Star Wars: The Rebel Storm Archie Goodwin, Al Williamson (Vol 2?) the crew of the Millennium Falcon between Star Wars & Empire
  151. Classic Star Wars: Escape to Hoth (Vol 3) Archie Goodwin takes place before
  152. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
  153. Phantom Affair (Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Squadron) Michael A Stackpole, Darko MacAn, Edvin Biukovic (P jan98)
  154. Classic Star Wars: Boxed Set
  155. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
  156. Boba Fett--Death, Lies & Treachery (DHC TP mar98)
  157. Battleground, Tatoonine (Star Wars - X-Wings Rouge Squadron) (P may98)
  158. Star Wars: Dark Empire (P) (2 Audio Cass) 6 years after
  159. Star Wars: Dark Empire II (P)(2 Audio Cass)
  160. Star Wars: Dark Empire: The Collection
  161. Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi (2 audio cass ) 6 years after the Battle of Endor
  162. Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of Sith (2 audio cassettes)

Probe Droid Results (trivia):

Mark Hamill (a.k.a. Luke Skywalker) hoped the Special Edition of Star Wars: A New Hope would reinstate an early scene showing Luke & Biggs hanging out on their home planet. He felt it would make the scene where Biggs gives up his life more heroic. But, new, computer-generated creatures, like the Ronto, were added to the Mos Eisley scene

For the "Star Wars" prequels, thousands of children have been considered for the roles of the Young Queen (Luke & Leia's mother) & the young Darth Vader . . .

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